Rewind Services

Electric Motor Rewind & Insulation Services

  • Superior Essex Wire Ultra Shield plus inverter duty magnet wire, Class H insulation
  • All rewinds are done with Class H material (Slot Liners, Phase Insulation, Top Sticks)
  • All Rewinds are dipped in Elan Guard EM59-60MR Epoxy varnish with extreme high bonding strength (Environmentally friendly with 0, VOC)
  • Baker D12R Surge Tester
  • Samatic Automatic winding machine
  • Lexeco L-25000 Core Loss Tester to ensure the integrity of the iron core for efficiency
  • Beldin Lead Wire High Heat 200 Degree C – CSA-SEW2
  • Armature Rewinds
  • Field Coil Rewinds
  • Servo Motor Rewinds
  • Clutches, Brake Coils, Solenoids, Epoxy Encapsulated Coils, Magnets
  • Stator Re-stacks if the iron core is damaged
  • Redesign (Voltage Changes, Speed Changes)
  • Extreme VFD Applications
All electric motor rewinds are done with class H material (wire slot liners. Phase insulation. top sticks)
Controlled stator burn outs - Ampro makes sure we do not damage your motor.
Epoxy varnish with extreme high bonding strength - elan guard EM59-60MR (Environmentally friendly with 0 VOC)
In house electric motor rewind services - stators, armatures, field coils, brake coils, servo motors
Quality rewinds, rewind for extreme VFD applications
Documented Iron Core Loss Testing - all iron cores are tested before rewind for watts loss and hot spots.

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