Laser Pulley Alignment

Belt alignment, or more accurately sheave alignment, is the process of achieving proper radial and axial alignment of the centerlines of sheave grooves, onto which belts run. Historically, belt or sheave alignment has not been considered a major concern in maintenance, due to belt costs being relatively small. However, if sheaves are not properly aligned and tensioned, the following problems occur:

  • Greatly reduced life of the belts
  • Increased radial and axial loading of the shafts, and the bearings that support them
  • Increased wear and decreased life of the sheaves
  • Increased noise, vibration, dust, and heat due to belt wear.

In the past, sheaves were aligned using a straightedge or string, but this method can not accurately measure parallelism of the shafts. A more accurate method is the use of a laser sheave alignment tool.

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