Phase Perfect PT Standard Model Phase Converter 75HP 480V – PT475R

Phase Perfecct is a digital phase converter that converts single phase power to three phase power electronically. The PT475R is rated for 75HP Max output 107amps 480V three phase.

Product Code: PT475R



Output Voltage


Weight 304 lbs

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75HP 460V Digital Phase Converter – Phase Perfect®

The PT475R phase converter is a robust 460V 75 horsepower digital single-phase to three-phase converter. It will supply three-phase 460V/480V power from a single-phase 460V/480V source for single or combined loads, including hard starting loads such as compressors, conveyors, and pumps up to 75HP. The supplied power is utility-quality with voltage balance within 2% and has advanced digital monitoring to protect your valuable three-phase equipment.

HP: 75HP

Input Voltage: 460V

Output Voltage: 460V

Max Input: 185A

Max Output: 107A

Weight: 268.00 LBS

Width: 26.00 (in)

Height: 46.00 (in)

Depth: 20.00 (in)




Power Quality

Hard-starting motors demand maximum output along with over-current protection. Delicate embedded electronics, which are getting more common by the day, demand perfectly balanced voltage always, no matter what the demands are on the rest of the system.

No other phase conversion technology can supply the brute force required to start the most demanding loads while protecting everything down to the smallest integrated circuit from damage. The Phase Perfect® uses modern microprocessor-controlled electronics to continuously adapt to changing conditions.

Don’t subject your expensive equipment to improper phase timing and voltage imbalance inherent in dated phase conversion technologies. Get utility-quality power with Phase Perfect®.

  •  Maintains phase-to-phase voltage balance within 2%
  • Electronic power factor correction produces near unity power factor

  • Sinusoidal input current with very low harmonic content

  • Output LC filter blocks digital switching-generated noise producing sinusoidal output


An embedded microprocessor constantly ramps up or down based on the needs of the attached equipment. Full power is there when you need it without any wasted energy when you don’t. High efficiency under load and extremely low power utilization when not loaded add up to big cost savings compared to other phase conversion technologies.

The Phase Perfect® will also return power to your single-phase source when any three-phase load is in generating mode. Returning this power and making your utility meter run backwards is a much more efficient solution than wasting any excess power by heating a resistor.

Calculate your savings

Woodworking or Machine Shop Energy Savings: $305.20/year

Phase Perfect® Rotary Converter
Starting Load Horsepower 20 HP 40 HP
Standby Power Consumption 80W 2260W
Idle Power Cost $11.20 $316.40

Woodworking or Machine Shop: Results are based on 4 hours of idle/non-operating time per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year, at an electric rate of $0.14 per kw/hr.

Elevator Energy Savings: $1,432.82/year

Phase Perfect® Rotary Converter
Starting Load Horsepower 10 HP 20 HP
Standby Power Consumption 80W 1350W
Idle Power Cost $89.69 $1,513.51

Elevator: Results are based 22 hours idle/non-operating time per day, with the elevator ready for operation 24/7, at an electric rate of $0.14 per kw/hr.


  1. Mount with supplied mounting kit.
  2. Connect two wires in, three wires out.
  3. Ensure the Phase Perfect® is well grounded.

Installation of a Phase Perfect® is virtually “plug-and-play”. Equipment or a three-phase load center can be connected to the output just like they would be hooked up to utility three-phase.



Phase Perfect Manual

Phase Perfect Manual

Phase Perfect Dimensions

Phase Perfect Dimensions

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Phase Perfect Brochure

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Phase Perfect Specifications