Phase Perfect is the affordable, convenient alternative to utility three-phase power for CNC Machines, Submersible Pumps, HVAC, Elevators, Food Service, Medical Equipment, Woodworking, Agriculture, Broadcasting, Automotive, Printing, Drilling, Compressors, Welding, Winery Equipment, EDM Machines…and more!

Phase Perfect digital phase converters. . .

  • Built with the latest advances in solid state power switching technology.
  • Operate all types of three-phase equipment, including voltage-sensitive equipment, without risk of damage from voltage unbalance.
  • Operate with high efficiency, conserving energy and reducing demand on the single-phase service.
  • Compared to other phase converters, are lightweight, quiet and easy to install.

As good as utility three-phase power. . .

Precision technology for clean, balanced three-phase power. Phase Perfect digital phase converters are based on a unique, patented design that utilizes IGBT double-conversion technology. Proprietary software in the digital signal processor (DSP) precisely controls the power switching process to generate clean, balanced three-phase power suitable for powering virtually any three-phase equipment. Phase Perfect balances phase-to-phase voltage within 1% under all load conditions. Balanced three-phase voltage is important for the safe, efficient operation of all three-phase equipment, even simple three-phase motors. Unbalanced voltage can cause loss of power, poor efficiency, and even damage to three-phase equipment! Imbalanced Power Phase imbalance adversely impacts both the performance and the life of a motor. Even modest voltage imbalance between the phases will require a motor to be derated. Phase imbalance will significantly reduce the life of motors that have a high duty cycle and operate at their maximum rated capacity.

Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converters are now in stock and available at Ampro!

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