Three Jaw Coupling 1 1/8″ Bore

Product Code: L090-1-1/8

Bore Size

1 1/8"



Weight 1.45 lbs

$13.55 CAD

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Three Jaw Coupling

Bore Size: 1 1/8″
Hub Diameter A: 2.125″
Overall Length B: 2.146″
Distance Between Flanges C: 0.480″
Length Thru Bore: 0.841″
Set Screw: 2 Screws Sized: 1/4-20 Unc X 3/8”
Required Insert: L090/L095N,L090/L095H
Weight: 1.45 Lbs

Product Code: L090-1-1/8

This part is a component in a three-piece design consisting of two couplers and an elastomeric insert called the spider creating a lightweight low inertia coupling. This three-piece design allows for a highly customizable coupling that easily combines clamp or set screw hubs with inch, metric, keyed, and keyless bores.

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