V1000 DV/DT Output Filter – Enclosed – 3A

1 - 1.5HP at 480V 2HP at 600V 0.5HP at 240V

Product Code: V1K3A01

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Nema 1

Weight 11 lbs

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V1000 DV/DT Output Filter – Enclosed – 3A

10 – Depth (in)
5.5 – Width (in)
9 – Height (in)
1 – 1.5 HP at 480V
2 HP at 600V
0.5 HP at 240V

V1k provides Motor Protection by limiting voltage spikes below 1,000 volts for long lead applications(480VAC) and 1300V @ 600VAC

Greatly extends the life of the motor and cable

Specific applications can reach 3,000 feet

30% reduction in common mode current

The V1k is the newest generation of the KLC dv/dt output filter series. V1k filters are UL Listed and available in Open, Type 1 and Type 3R packaging configurations. The V1k supersedes the KLC product line. 

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