Phase Perfect PT Enterprise Outdoor Rated 10HP 240V – PTE010R

Three-phase power from a single-phase source anywhere you need it. Phase Perfect Enterprise digital phase converter uses modern solid-state electronics to create utility-quality three-phase power anywhere. Over 20 years of development has resulted in a robust and durable phase converter capable of powering any load, from hard-starting motors to equipment with delicate embedded electronics.

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Weight 51 lbs

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10HP 230V Digital Phase Converter – Phase Perfect® Enterprise

The PTE010R phase converter is a compact 230V 10 horsepower digital single-phase to three-phase converter. It will supply three-phase 230V/240V power from a single-phase 230V/240V source for a single or combined loads, including hard starting loads such as compressors, conveyors, and pumps up to 10HP. The supplied power is utility-quality with voltage balance within 2% and has advanced digital monitoring to protect your valuable three-phase equipment.

Comes in a Outdoor Nema 3R Enclosure

HP: 10HP

Input Voltage: 230V

Output Voltage: 230V

Max Input: 62A

Max Output: 36A

Weight: 51.00 LBS

Width: 23.00 (in)

Height: 25.00 (in)

Depth: 8.00 (in)




We offer a large selection of technology leading Enterprise Series Phase Perfect® digital phase converters. Compared to standard rotary phase converts, the Phase Perfect® provides excellent power quality under all load conditions, especially in hard starting applications.  The Phase Perfect® operates with near unity power factor and essentially no harmonic distortion of the input while supplying balanced undistorted output voltage. It can safely power virtually any three-phase load within its rated capacity. Three-phase equipment such as submersible pumps, center-pivot irrigation systems, machine tools, sawmills, elevators, HVAC equipment, and CNC equipment are powered easily and reliably. Even when three-phase transmission lines are nearby, installing three-phase service is not cost justified in many small to medium-sized applications. In these cases, Phase Perfect® offers an affordable alternative source of three-phase power.

The Phase Perfect® digital phase converter is now available in the PTE frame with voltage-doubling 240v to 480v capabilities. This compact frame size offers all of the advantages of a Phase Perfect® digital phase converter in a NEMA 3R cabinet, that is compact, and offers the best value in 7.5hp, 10hp, 15hp, and 20hp. Order online today!