• Electric motor and generator repairs up to 1000 HP AC or DC
  • 4000 Vac and 650 Vdc testing capabilities
  • Pump repairs: centrifugal, sump, sewage, positive displacement
  • All repairs meet Easa’s guidelines ANSI/EASA AR100- 2015- recommended practice for the repair of rotating electrical apparatus and guidelines for maintaining motor efficiency during rebuilding
  • Dynamic balancing up to 5000 pounds 9 feet long and as small as 1 pound
  • Installation of grounding rings to prevent premature bearing failure due to bearing currents causing fluting from variable frequency drives
  • High end brand name bearings including insulated or ceramic bearings for variable frequency drive use
  • Pick up and delivery services up to 9000 pounds with a five-ton 8×10 flatbed truck
  • All motors have a unique motor ID serial number in our state of the art ERP system for future tracking
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Crane motors repairs
  • Electromechanical brake repairs and rewinds




  • Superior Essex Wire Ultra Shield plus inverter duty magnet wire, Class H insulation
  • All rewinds are done with Class H material (Slot Liners, Phase Insulation, Top Sticks)
  • All Rewinds are dipped in Elan Guard EM59-60MR Epoxy varnish with extreme high bonding strength (Environmentally friendly with 0, VOC)
  • Baker D12R Surge Tester
  • Samatic Automatic winding machine
  • Lexeco L-25000 Core Loss Tester to ensure the integrity of the iron core for efficiency
  • Beldin Lead Wire High Heat 200 Degree C – CSA-SEW2
  • Armature Rewinds
  • Field Coil Rewinds
  • Servo Motor Rewinds
  • Clutches, Brake Coils, Solenoids, Epoxy Encapsulated Coils, Magnets
  • Stator Re-stacks if the iron core is damaged
  • Redesign (Voltage Changes, Speed Changes)
  • Extreme VFD Applications





  • Full inhouse Servo Repair Lab with positive airflow clean room.
  • Fully trained staff for diagnosis, Repair, Sourcing replacement motors, drives and parts.
  • Portable testing equipment to test servo motors, Encoders and resolvers.
  • All motor work is repaired in house ensuring your motor is not shipped to a third party for repair causing excess downtime.
  • In house OEM Drives onsite to perform factory drive tests on servo motors and various aftermarket test sets.
  • Typical brands are Fanuc, Bosch Rexroth (Indramat) Allen Bradley (Rockwell), Electrocraft, Yaskawa (Motoman), ABB, Mailor, Siemens, Baldor, Parker, Pacific Scientific, Kollmorgen, Reliance, Elwood, CMC, Mitsubishi.
  • Over 25 Years of combined servo experience with servo feedback devices and data collection to assist in future repairs and ensuring quality repair with proper historical data.


Our in-house machine shop reduces downtime, saves money, and avoids the need for a third party company

  • CNC Mill
  • 8 foot lathe
  • Broaching Keyways
  • Shaft Repairs
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Custom Shafts
  • Sleeve Housings
  • Custom Parts




At Ampro Electric we work as a team united to get the job done safely. Let’s work together.